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therapy For Men

Learn how optimizing your declining testosterone levels, the single biggest factor in male aging, can make you thinner, stronger, smarter and less susceptible to heart disease, stroke & depression. Supplementing low levels of testosterone will make you more muscular, more virile and will help you to attain peak performance in all aspects of your life. Learn about the magic bullet for male health and start your therapy today. Learn More »

therapy For Women

Stop symptoms of menopause such as hot flashes, insomnia, mood swings & inability to lose weight. Increase your vitality for life, your ability to deal with everyday stresses and your reduced libido. We can help you attain your own personal optimal health. Learn more about bioidentical hormone therapy and start progressing torward your desired self image today. Learn More »

dna repair TA-65

In 2009 three renowned scientists were awarded the Nobel Prize in medicine for their revolutionary work in discovering the genetic mechanism of aging. Their work has led to the creation of an innovative supplement that has been proven in humans and animals to restore damaged and inactive DNA. The supplement known as "TA-65" has a proven record of enhancing skin elasticity, gum & teeth health, cognitive function and has been used to successfully Learn More »

iv treatments & Adjunctive Cancer Therapy

As a board certified anesthesiologist for over 20 years, Dr. Goodman is vastly experienced in intravenous fluids and nutrition. He has incorporated this knowledge into his all-encompassing Wellness practice. At Lifespan he can treat chronic fatigue, chronic pain, acute viral illnesses, acute athletic overtraining syndrome ("burnout") and many other health issues with high dose IV nutrients. Learn More »

pain therapy Stem Cells/PRP

For many orthopedic injuries and conditions, Dr. Daniel Goodman utilizes an alternative in-office treatment known as Regenerative Injection Therapy. This cutting edge therapy is accomplished using either Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) from your own blood, or Stem Cells from your own bone marrow and/or fat cells. Currently, Dr. Goodman is one of only a few Board Certified physicians in Califonia who is experienced and skilled at performing these treatments.
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Dr. Daniel Goodman.