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Lifespan - The Center for Anti-Aging & Regenerative Medicine
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Lifespan - The Center for Anti-Aging & Regenerative Medicine
Using medical science to enhance your quality of life.

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Lifespan - The Center for Anti-Aging & Regenerative Medicine
Using medical science to enhance your quality of life.

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Lifespan - The Center for Anti-Aging & Regenerative Medicine
Using medical science to enhance your quality of life.

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Lifespan - The Center for Anti-Aging & Regenerative Medicine
Using medical science to enhance your quality of life.

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Hi Dan
I have been feeling so good

Ive been running three stream restoration jobs (and the excavators) for 3 weeks straight! Feeling fine Built over 400 ft of longitudinal stone toe and 6 Bendway weirs, nearly thousand willows

Working 7-8 hr days, no pain meds except tylenol and ibuprofen for like a week after stem cells.

So grateful for my health and the stems cell made me feel 10 years younger !!

Thank you and your staff

John M.
Redding CA.

"A little over a year ago I was ready to go out of the work force on disability with chronic severe pain in both of my feet.

I was referred to Dr. Goodman for an innovative procedure known as Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy. After 2 procedures, 7 months apart, my pain level went from a 9 to 4 on a scale of 1-10. My mobility went from 30% to 75%.

With such good results, I decided to have a 3rd procedure. One month after his last PRP procedure my pain has gone almost completely away! I am so happy!!

This procedure should be a Must Have for anyone with residual effects from surgery or any type of chronic pain issues.

Thank you Dr. Goodman for bringing this "out of the box", natural healing method to our community.

Kim W.
Redding, CA

"I have been a patient of Dr. Goodman's for a over a year. All I can say is 'WOW'! I had been to some of the best spine/back doctors in the country for my chronic back pain....with no positive outlook for the future. What these doctors were looking at was not my problem....I found a doctor in Medford, OR who utilized prolotherapy and who helped me tremendously. The problem was the cost and the long drive. When Dr. Goodman came to Redding, I was immediately interested in his platelet-injection procedures and scheduled a consultation. The cost was less than my doctor in Medford and I felt very comfortable with Dr. Goodman. I have had two PRP procedures to my back in the past year, and feel better now than I have in 35 years!! I am so satisfied with the results that I have referred a number of friends to Dr. Goodman, and all have had nothing but praise. I have even had my 25yr old son's knees treated by him.

I am so confident in Dr. Goodman that I just had a consultation with him in regards to my hormone balance. I will be retiring in a little over 18 months and can now look forward to playing golf and doing the things that I had hoped to do during my retirement. How many times have you said, "I would do anything to get rid of this pain!"? Well here's your opportunity. If anyone would like to speak to me, you can get my phone number from Dr. Goodman's office."

Tom R.
High School coach and teacher
Redding, CA

I've been working iron for some 25 years. Served in the Marine Corps before that. It has undoubtedly taken a toll on my body. Especially my knees. To the extent that I couldn't walk up stairs without severe pain.

Some months ago I was referred to Dr. Daniel Goodman of "Lifespan Center" Rdg. Ca. I found Dr. Goodman to be knowledgeable, comprehensive, thorough, and caring. His procedure restored the use of, and gave me back my knees!

Recovery time was minimal.

I no longer have pain on the job, or just having fun. Truly amazing!

Ben C.
Redding CA.

Dear Dr. Goodman

I thought you would like to know. September 2015 an echo-cardiogram showed my heart function at 65%. September 2016 its function had improved to between 77% and 83%. My Doctor told me this just doesn't happen; and there's no explanation. I told him it must have been the stem cell infusion I had 11 months earlier. He just gave me a strange look.

Thanks again if your stem cell infusion did this for my heart valve. I have also been praying that God would heal my heart valve and if he wants to use stem cells to do it that's fine with me. I thank God also.

My right knee is still 100% improved. My left knee still catches with pain in certain positions but not as often as it did before stem cells. I wonder if the stress I was under right after the last procedure has something to do with it. I stopped riding my bike like I should when my husband retired, my brother died, my husband had a heart attack all within 2 months. All the travel and extra work these events caused in my life is my excuse for not riding my bike, and then I got out of the habit. A short time after the cell infusion I noticed the arthritis in my fingers wasn't painful with the exception of the middle knuckle on my left hand. One year later they began hurting again. I haven't had an asthma attack since.

Sincerely, Ladonna Spencer

just wanted to inform you of the results of the PRP injection I received in August 2016.

As you know, I started having problems with my knee last March. It progressed to the point that I was having trouble getting up and down, sitting, walking and even sleeping. I had a MRI done which didn't reveal any major damage that pointed to the cause.During that time I was also having some physical therapy. The physical therapy help slightly but whatever was causing the pain, swelling and soreness continued and intensifed. After 4 months it was progressively getting worse leaving me barely able to walk. I scheduled a consultation with you to see if this type of treatment could help. (I really like the idea of using my own body's natural healing ability as a treatment plan) You recommended PRP. I scheduled the appointment and received the injection.

It has been just a little over 4 months and the results are really amazing!! I began feeling I was on the road to recovery in about a month. By month 2 I would say it was 50% improved and by month 3 about 80-85%. At this present time I have no signs at all of ever having a problem with my knee!


will definitely use the PRP treatment again. THANK YOU!!

Merilee H

"It will be two years this November since my treatment and am running 40+ miles per week on road and trails pain free."

Jim M ( 64 years old )
Eureka, CA

"I had a stem cell/prp injection done to my left knee 3 months ago by Dr Goodman. An MRI had shown I had a torn meniscus as well as an arthritic spikes on both the lateral and medial parts of my knee.

I was told my torn meniscus was an old injury and most likely from all the running I had done in the past. It was after a long and vigorous hike at Summit Lake that triggered my pain and brought me to the point of hobbling around and walking in severe pain.

Before I met with Dr. Goodman I had scheduled surgery to correct my problem. I am SO happy that I opted to meet with Dr. Goodman and go ahead with his method of treatment. I must admit I was a bit nervous that my knee would not heal properly, but now, three months later I feel that I am functioning at 85 - 90%.

I am a daily walker ( fast paced and 4 -5 miles daily/8 -9 miles weekends) and VERY much into yoga--5 times a week. I also love to bike!

My knee has improve significantly since I had the injection and most days I can bend my knee without any discomfort. I am able to climb up and down stairs pain free and some days I feel like I could even run again! ( I gave up running because of back issues).

I did a lot of research on stem cell/prp therapy before my decision and it just made much more sense to opt for a non-invasive procedure AND use my own stem cells and blood platelets to heal my body. I feel that I made the best decision and have not one regret! Hopefully this form of treatment will soon be accepted by insurance companies and patients will not have to pay out of pocket to have the procedure done.

Thank you, Dr. Goodman for bringing your knowledge and treatment opportunity to our Redding Community. I am so grateful to have met you and have you as my doctor!"

Barbara C ( 64 years old )
Redding, CA

"It has been 4 months since the stem cell transplant injections were done to my knee. After 3 months I was 85% better. Since then I have been running…A LOT…., with little to no issue with my knee!! In the last 6 weeks I ran (and won) the Headlands 100 mile ultra marathon, ran legs 1 and 2 of the Whiskeytown Relays, took a week off, then ran 3 Bridges ½ marathon in Redding (1:29) then Bizz Johnson marathon (3:04). We spent this past weekend up in Susanville for play where I paced a friend at 8:00min/mile pace for 13 miles, went for a technical 14 mile mtb ride, climbed Susanville Peak and ran down (9 miles), all on Saturday. Sunday we did another 11 ½ mile run, half easy terrain, half technical single track.

No problems with my knee.

It seems to be continuing to improve


.I have been telling everyone, who even mentions problems with their knees, about the stem cell therapy….and how much it has helped me."

Beverley A - Red Bluff Ca
Member US UltraMarathon team

"When I first came to see Dr. Goodman, the arthritis in both of my thumbs had made it impossible for me to lift a glass of water, use a can opener, or open a jar. My pain was constant. It regularly woke me up at night from sleep. There were many days I spent with continuous throbbing pain in my thumbs. I was taking anti-inflammatory medicine and using cortisone injections to temporarily relieve the pain. I also wore arthritis thumb splints. I was seeking alternatives to these treatments because of the side-efficets and damage that they werre doing to my body.

Within one month of my first PRP treatment with Dr. Goodman, my thumb pain was reduced by 75% and my range of motion was significantly improved. Within 3 months my thumbs were 90% better!! I had a second round of PRP seven months after my first treatment. My thumbs are 100% better. I am pain free!! Thank you, Dr. Goodman for giving me back the ability to use my hands again!!

Kathy R.
Redding, CA

Before meeting Dr. Daniel Goodman, I was disabled with arthritic pain in both knees and left shoulder. I had decided against the conventional procedures, which had been recommended to me by other doctors (eg. Steroid injections and surgical joint replacements). What made more sense to me was the use of my own stem cells for the rejuvenation of my painful areas.

Four and a half months after seeing Dr Goodman, and having a stem cell procedure, my left knee is completely pain free, my right knee has minimal issues. I can get up from a sitting position without aid. I can sleep without pain on my left shoulder again.

I would wholeheartedly recommend this cutting edge therapy to anyone. One additional note: "Do it as soon as possible!” The quality of your stem cells are best before age 68. I am so thankful for the results and my lucky timing, as I have just turned 67.

Thank you for your expertise, Dr. Dan!!

Iris B.
Redding, CA. Feb 2016

Approaching 9 months since procedure and all is well. Running 8 miles 2 or 3 times a week along with swimming and cycling and no pain or discomfort.

James M.
Eureka, CA

"Starting in 2009 I developed progressively worsening neck pain that would give me excruciating headaches and cause me to be nauseous and dizzy. This pain was exacerbated by exercises such as running, high impact aerobics, jumping, cycling class, and weight training of my upper body. Exercise was a huge part of my life. I completed a half marathon in 2008, and a full marathon in 2009. Before that, I had been exercising in the gym for years. I had to quit most of my exercise because I would get severe “flare ups.” I had not run in 3 years.

When the neck pain started I was told it was because I had a congenital fusion between two vertebrae in my neck...something that had never been a problem for me in the past. I went to physical therapy multiple times. I tried chiropractic with 3 different chiropractors. I tried acupuncture treatments. I had been getting massages once a week for 5 years. I have my own spinal-traction unit. I have a pocket electrical stimulation (TENS) unit. I had been taking muscle relaxers daily along with Aleve and Excedrin (as well as Imitrex for migraines)……My neck pain would not go away. It was disabling. I didn’t know what else to do.

I found Dr. Goodman because I had heard that "Prolo-Therapy" might be a useful therapy. I scheduled a consultation but was very skeptical. Dr. Goodman talked to me about PRP (platelet rich plasma) and how it works. I was still skeptical to say the least, but figured that I had already spent enough money up to this point (to purchase a small island!) that I had little to lose. We completed one set of injections that lasted less than an hour.

Within 8 weeks I was feeling a big difference! I was completely off of Aleve and hadn’t taken a muscle relaxer since the procedure. I had only taken Tylenol about 2-3x/week. That is unheard of for me! And my progress only got better. I had my procedure done in August of 2014 and it is currently March 2015. I am running 3x/week at a distance of 2-3 miles, doing cycling classes, and weight training with no symptoms. I take only Tylenol if needed 2-3x/month. I can’t tell you the last time I took an Imitrex for a migraine. I have not been to the chiropractor since the procedure and I only get a massage every other week (because I like them).

Do I still get occasional neck tightness and stiffness? Yes.

Lisa J.
Redding, CA

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